Last month, it was officially announced that one of the most notorious serial killers is returning to Criminal Minds” season 13. The police procedural crime series has been through a lot including the cast shake-ups that have been heavily criticized by fans, especially when Thomas Gibson was fired.

The showrunners said that they have been doing their best to deliver smooth episodes, especially now that the show’s ratings have significantly declined following Gibson’s departure. Now that the next installment is getting closer, one of the showrunners teased that the BAU might deal with one of the show’s familiar villains.

Who is coming back?

“Criminal Minds” showrunner Erica Messer recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to provide some crisp spoilers of the upcoming installment and it sounds terrifying. Actor Jamie Kennedy will reprise his role as the BBQ restaurant owner, cannibalistic Serial Killer, and kidnapper, Floyd Feylinn Ferell. He first appeared on the season 3 episode 8 titled “Lucky.” He was active in Bridgewater, Florida but was eventually captured after the BAU pursued him.

“Here he is 10 years into being a patient at a mental institution who now may or may not be eligible to get out of that institution,” Messer teased.


During “Criminal Minds” season 3 episode 8, the BAU was summoned to investigate the notorious killings in Florida that were later found out to be of Floyd Feylinn Ferell’s doing.

The team found the cannibalistic serial killer in a basement with different satanic books, Black Paintings, as well as a homemade cookbook.

What’s more interesting is that the cookbook contained cannibalistic recipes including "Skewered She" and "Kobe Girl Steak.” Apparently, he served human flesh to his customers in his BBQ restaurant in Bridgewater, Florida.

Floyd himself believed that he was possessed by a flesh-eating demon.

There is no telling yet as to how he will make a comeback on Criminal Minds,” but some fans suggest that he might be released from the mental facility. Over the years that he’s been incarcerated, he must have been behaving well and responded to his medications, showing signs of a healthy person.

Another theory is that he might be able to escape from the mental institution and might start killing again. Either way, we’re pretty sure that the BAU is up for an intense and cannibalistic adventure in season 13.

Season 13 release date

“Criminal Minds” season 13 is slated to premiere on September 27 on CBS at 10 PM EST. Episode 1 is titled “Wheels Up,” while episode 5's title, where Floyd Feylinn Ferell is set to return, is yet to be announced. Stay tuned!