Kim Kardashian likely didn't get a "like" from Sharon Osbourne after her latest nude photo hit the web. According to a new report, the "Talk" co-host recently took aim at the 36-year-old "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star for calling herself a feminist when in actuality, Osbourne claimed, she's a "h*."

During an interview with The Telegraph, via a report by Us Weekly magazine on September 6, Osbourne said that everything Kardashian does she claims she's doing in the name of feminism but in her opinion, it's all about sex. As the talk show host explained, everything the Kardashians do is about their bodies and half of Los Angeles has run through them.

Osbourne went on to mention Kim Kardashian's sex tape and see-through outfits she wears. It "is about sex, not female progress," she explained, adding that if Kardashian wants to show off her nude body, she has a right to, but when it comes to the mother of two's behavior, Osbourne simply said she was "being a h*" and told her to remember what she truly is.

Is Sharon Osbourne being hypocritical?

While Sharon Osbourne may have a point, she really isn't one to talk. After all, just one year ago, she claimed to have been inspired by Kim Kardashian when she shared a nude selfie of her own and told her fans and followers that she felt liberated.

What will Kim Kardashian's kids think?

During today's episode of "Access Hollywood Live," Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover discussed Kim Kardashian's latest nude image and wondered what it will be like when her two children, four-year-old North West and one-year-old Saint West, grow up.

Will Kardashian's nude photos come back to haunt her? It is certainly a possibility. After all, most children would be horrified to think that there was one nude photo of their parent circulating the web -- let alone a bevy of naked images of their mother.

Kardashian shares two children with her husband Kanye West, who she married in Italy in May 2014 and the couple is also expecting a third child after learning that their surrogate has been successful in conceiving another baby for them.

As fans will recall, Kardashian was advised against having a third child biologically due to her previous pregnancy complications.

Kim Kardashian and her family, including husband Kanye West and their children, are reportedly in production on the upcoming 14th season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." That said, there has been no official confirmation of a premiere date quite yet.