Many families who want to thrive together get inspiration from the Kardashian dynasty. Everyone needs support, and when family backs you up, you are half way done. But sometimes within the family, there is “competition” for success, and it also happens in the Kardashian Family that thrives on publicity. Not only can the world hardly believe that Kylie Jenner, at just 20-years-old will soon be a billionaire, but nor can her half sister, Kim Kardashian. On August 30, Life & Style wrote that Kim "Is Totally "Jealous" of Her Little Sister's Success."

Kim was more famous than the young Kylie, almost a decade ago.

When the reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians first hit the American TV screens, Kim Kardashian was definitely the one standing out from the rest as the show’s star.

But almost a decade later, Kylie Jenner, who was young when the show was starting, seems to be taking Kim’s attention and is now a celebrity of her own after making a mini empire with her lip kits. Kylie also has her own show, Life of Kylie and according to sources, Kim Kardashian feels challenged and is secretly jealous of her sister.

Kim is hardworking

The world is aware that Kim, 36 is one of the most hardworking women in showbiz. She regularly finds new business ventures and builds her personal brands. One thing is sure though, she’s making a lot of money, and she wants to make more and probably intends to be a billionaire. However, Kylie is somehow reaching for the billion dollar crown before her, very quickly.

Would that not make Kanye West's wife jealous of her sister? Kylie is sixteen years younger than Kim, but she’s probably going to be a bonafide billionaire before her.

Kim and Kylie have been in competition

According to Hollywood Life, Kim is privately Jealous over her sister success because she always wanted to be the first Kardashian billionaire, and there is a real beef between the two Kardashians.

Kim West told her close associates that the Kardashian brand is where it is because of her efforts. Even though she has millions in the bank and she can decide to relieve herself from the hustle and relax for the rest of her life, she’s thinking about coming up with fresh business ideas to make more money and earn the Kardashian crown.

It seems the competitiveness started a while back. On June 28, Intouch Weekly reported that Kim and Kylie were at war after Kim launched KKW Beauty, which seemed to compete against Kylie Cosmetics, owned by Kylie. Kylie wasn’t happy at all and felt like her sister had slapped her right in the face. Everyone in the family was happy with Kim’s achievement except Kylie. It doesn't stop there - Kim has more followers than Kylie on Instagram, but the Kylie tends to have more comments and likes on her posts. The two sister’s also introduced their own apps. Kylie’s app made it to the No.1 spot on iTunes while Kim’s was ranked 32nd.

It's clear Kylie has achieved more than her sister Kim. She made a "whopping $420 million in just 18 months" from her cosmetics, Time Money reported. By 2022 she will probably be a billionaire at just 25. Their fans just hope Kim is not really jealous of her little sister as the Kardashian family has been a symbol of unity.