The Kardashian family has been in the public eye for years now. It is a family that is driven by business success and publicity. But unlike the rest of Kardashians, Kendall Jenner doesn’t merely pose with lingerie on Instagram. She has achieved success by walking the runways around the world. Surprisingly, she’s just 21. A decade ago, she was 11, of course, and she wasn’t admired by the clothes she wore.

The Daily Front Row is set to hold its award ceremony on 8th of September

According to Hollywood Life, The Daily Front Row will host its annual Fashion Media Awards for the fifth time on September 8, but it seems their decision regarding who is bagging the major ward has triggered quite a controversy.

On August 28, it was announced that Kendall Jenner will receive the Fashion Icon of the Decade honor, and some Twitter users don’t want to hear any of that as they are wondering what she has contributed to the fashion industry over the past ten years.

Kendall who has more than 83 million followers on Instagram is set to receive the honor from the high-profile award show which will be hosted by renowned supermodel, Ashley Graham and will feature some of the industry most distinguished contributors. Other names in the sector that will be awarded include, Jordan Barett for Male Model of the Year, Mario Testino for the Creative of the Year, and Lenny Letter’s Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham for Best Digital Destination.

What shocked people was Kendall Jenner being the recipient of an award they think she doesn't deserve, and they took to Twitter to express their displeasure through memes.

The announcement triggered mixed reaction on Twitter

One Twitter user mentioned that Kendall is a boring model and is nowhere close to being a fashion icon.

Another one wrote that she poses with the same old dull face and she wasn’t even able to do ten different photo shoots yet she is receiving the award. One user said she loved Kendall but wondered why she should get the icon of the decade as she was a child for half of it. A critic pointed out that Jenner hadn’t made a single decision by herself in the past decade and she didn’t deserve the honor.

Another one wondered why she should win the award when her whole family requires a stylist to prepare all the outfits they wear.

She also got some support too. One Twitter user congratulated her while another posted an epic collage of high-fashion ensembles profiling Kendall and blasted the critics for acting like she didn't deserve it, in the caption. Kendall Jenner just like her family, are used to criticism. The world can only wait for a few days to see her walk to the podium, receive her honor and thank her family, friends and the fans for the support.