"General Hospital" actor, Billy Miller, has a birthday that he is celebrating on September 17 and he has received many birthday wishes from his fans on social media. He has become a fan-favorite ever since he took over the role of Jason Morgan. But there is one special person who wanted to go the extra mile in wishing him a special birthday. Kelly Monaco was seen in a cute video that was posted on Twitter and "GH" fans are going crazy.

Kelly Monaco, featuring Billy Miller

JaSam lovers got an unexpected treat on Sunday as "General Hospital" sent out a short clip of Kelly Monaco looking quite cool with a baseball cap on as she wished her on-screen husband a very happy birthday.

The shot then went to the birthday boy himself. It sure looked like he was trying his best to keep a straight face, and he did a pretty good job of it.

These two were rumored to be romantically linked off-screen. However, Kelly had said that they are just good friends and by the looks of the video, they do have a lot of fun together. They were also quite cute together at a recent "GH" fan event a few weeks ago. Whether they are just friends or more, they sure do make a cute couple and fans are loving them.

Billy Miller shares a birthday with his on-screen son

It is pretty fun that Billy also shares a birthday with his on-screen son, TK Weaver.

The young man plays the role of Danny Morgan, Sam and Jason's firstborn. It is quite unique that this pair shares their special day. They are sure to celebrate it together on the set of "General Hospital" if they haven't already. TK sent out a sweet message to Billy Miller saying "Happy early birthday to my TV dad. Best TV dad ever.

So cool that we share a birthday. 9/17. Birthday weekend!"

"GH" fans are coming out in droves to wish these two a special birthday. Many are posting photos of Sam and Jason, and also family pics of the Morgan family. These two have a huge fan base and they are thrilled that Billy Miller is sticking around Port Charles for a while.

What is going on with his character of Jason?

It is currently up in the whether Miller will actually stay on as the real Jason Morgan since Steve Burton is arriving this week. Many fans will be upset if this guy comes in to break up this couple, even if Steve Burton turns out to be the real Jason Morgan.

Billy Miller is currently off-screen right now, but should be back on air pretty soon. Jason is in a coma, but viewers may just see him wake up on Monday's episode. At least "GH" fans are getting a cool glimpse of Billy Miller while they wait for him to reappear on-screen.

Happy Birthday to Billy Miller and to TK Weaver! Are you looking forward to seeing the Morgan family back together again? Stay tuned to see what happens.