It is going to be one memorable week on ABC's "General Hospital" with the anticipated return of Steve Burton. Fans have been trying to figure out if he will be back as Jason Morgan or someone else. It has all been leading up to his reappearance this week. Here is what will be happening on Monday, September 18.

Franco's continued search for answers

Franco invited his adoptive mother, Betsy, to his art show expecting to get some answers about the boy in the photo, who is supposed to be Jason Morgan. On Friday's show, she told him that it is time that he knew the truth, but it looks like she will be more worried about how her son will handle it.

Will Betsy tell Franco why Jason was a part of his childhood, or will she tell more lies?

"GH" spoilers tease that Franco will be angry and hurt over the truth. Fortunately, Liz will stand by him through this, but it doesn't mean that she won't be a little worried. Speaking of Elizabeth, Scotty will approach her wondering what her intentions are towards his son. Liz is pretty sure that she wants to spend her life with Franco. Scotty's relationship with his son has grown closer and he doesn't want to see him get hurt.

What is up with Anna?

Anna Devane is putting the pressure on Finn. She wants to nail Valentin Cassadine and is using Finn to help her. It looks like the writers are testing the waters between those two as "General Hospital" spoilers have said that Anna and Finn may be headed for a romance eventually.

However, she is still obsessed with Valentin. How will Finn react to her demands?

Is there trouble in paradise again?

Curtis and Jordan have had their share of troubles in their relationship, but they are giving it another chance. Now that Stella is not in their face anymore, there is someone else who may come between them again.

Jordan saw Curtis with Sonny Corinthos talking and she is suspicious that he is making a deal with the mob. She will confront him about it on Monday. Can Jordan and Curtis really stay together if she doesn't trust him?

Ava is getting freaked

Ava Jerome made her decision to take Valentin up on his offer and now she is stuck at the clinic without access to the outside world.

Her phone was confiscated by Larissa and on Monday, Ava will be getting a phone call. She demands that Larissa tell her who is calling her. Griffin is desperate to make contact with her. He is worried for her safety, and he has every reason to be worried. After all, there is a freaky man in a mask sitting there and is making Ava a little jumpy. Will Larissa let Ava talk to Griffin?

Jason wakes up?

In the previews for Monday's "General Hospital," Sam tells Griffin and Sonny that Jason is waking up from his coma.

His hand was moving on Friday when Sam and Spinelli were talking. Will he really be awake when Griffin goes to check on him?

Stay tuned to "General Hospital" on Monday to see how this all leads into the return of Steve Burton. What is your favorite story line right now?