Keanu Reeve’s is going to the New York Comic Con next month to join the panel for his upcoming sci-fi movie “Replicas.” Those who are looking forward to seeing the “The Matrix” actor return to the science fiction movie genre will be pleased to know that “Replicas” first footage will also debut during the event.

Lotus Entertainment, one of the film’s production companies, earlier released an image showing Reeve’s character, the daring neuroscientist, Wil Foster.

Joining Keanu Reeves on the panel are film director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and writer-producer Stephen Hamel.

The “Replicas” panel is set to take place Thursday, October 5.

Replicas” release date is not yet known so this may be one of the information the panelist will reveal during the film’s Q and A.

Keanu Reeves fans who are excited to see him in this film will eventually learn more details when the panel assembles next month and “Replicas” first film footage is shown.

Death and resurrection theme

Keanu Reeve’s return to the sci-fi movie field this time around involves the story of a neuroscientist Wil Foster whose family were killed in a car crash and who is consumed by the thought of bringing them back to life.

In order to realize his obsession, Foster employed radical cloning technology to resurrect his family. He will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal.

Cast and Crew

“Replicas” cast includes Alice Eve, who plays the role of Reeves wife, and Silicon Valley actor, Thomas Middleditch. Jeffrey Nachmanoff directed the film while Stephen Hamel wrote the story.

Chad St. John wrote the script.

“Replicas” is currently in post-production.

A 2014 project

Keanu Reeves decided to star on the film three years ago in 2014. According to Variety, filming did not immediately push through because of lack of funding after the project was announced. The film eventually finds its financiers when a group of companies joined together to finance it.

The international partnership includes distributor Lotus Entertainment and co-financiers Riverstone Pictures, Remstar Studios, Blue Rider, and Di Bonaventura Pictures.

Science Fiction genre

Keanu Reeves became one of the icons for science fiction films when he starred in the Wachowski brothers “The Matrix” trilogies more than a decade ago.

He played a computer programmer named Neo, who was believed to be the one to save humanity from the enslavement by machines. In the film, most human’s were unknowingly leaving a simulated world called the Matrix.