Amanda Stanton finally broke her silence after her short-lived romance with Robby Hayes ended over allegations of cheating. In her interview with ET Online's Lauren Zima, the female "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant narrated what took place that led to their breakup.

Inside Amanda and Robby's cheating rumors

The 27-year-old blonde explained that a woman claimed she was with Robby Hayes at a Zac Brown Band concert and sent Amanda Stanton photos of them seemingly making out. Her then-boyfriend denied any involvement with the unnamed woman and insisted that he did not attend the concert.

"At this point, it doesn't really matter [whether he cheated or not]," Stanton explained. "But the photos look like their mouths were touching."

But regardless of what happened in their relationship, Amanda Stanton clarified that all is well between her and Robby Hayes. She went on to claim that she is now friendly with her ex-boyfriend after they have called it quits.

Robby Hayes, on the other hand, refused to comment on his alleged cheating that led to their breakup. He, however, promised to address the issue soon and added that he has a lot to explain about the controversy.

Although their relationship did not work out, the 28-year-old sales representative from Florida said he had informed Amanda Stanton's ex-boyfriend, Josh Murray, of what went wrong between them.

In fact, Robby Hayes claimed he had developed a good relationship with Josh Murray since he informed him that he would pursue Amanda Stanton.

He explained that he did that out of respect for their friendship. Robby Hayes also added that he still considers Josh Murray, his good friend even after he disappointed him for breaking up with Amanda Stanton.

How romance started for Amanda and Robby in Paradise

The "Bachelor in Paradise" stars were first mired in dating rumors after they were spotted holding hands outside a hotel in Los Angeles in July. The two were all smiles as they walked hand in hand while leaving the place.

In a previous interview with "The Morning Breath" podcast, Amanda Stanton gushed about Robby Hayes whom she commended for being "really sweet." When asked if they were engaged before they left the dating program, the mother of two played it coy and refused to give a concrete answer.

Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are expected to address their breakup in "Bachelor in Paradise" finale which is slated to air on Monday at 8:00 pm on ABC.