Katy Perry has released the official teaser of her new feature-length special, “Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?” In this upcoming feature, the singer will take fans to a behind-the-scenes look at some of her biggest projects in the industry.

The singer takes inspiration from the hit reality television show “Big Brother,” as Perry records her life 24/7 for four days and show the footage exclusively to her fans. It will be released on Youtube Red on October 4, Billboard reported.

“To kick off the release of my new album ‘Witness,’ I knew I had to do something really different – something big, something that’s never been done before and then this wild idea hit me,” the singer said in the teaser video.

“I’m gonna live in a live-streaming house 24 hours a day, for four days straight. Everyone will get to witness all of me, not just the glam me,” she added.

Celebrity guests

The teaser has already revealed some of the clips from the production of Katy Perry’s newest projects. They included her meetings with the production team, her hair and makeup and some moments that have not yet been shown to her fans.

During the four-day feature-length YouTube stream, she will invite celebrity guests such as James Corden, Sia, Caitlyn Jenner, Anna Kendrick and Gordon Ramsay to join her. There will also be political activists, health and wellness experts, friends, family, and fans to join her in “important conversations” that she hopes “to continue on.”

“I’ve grown and evolved, but so as my music,” she said in the sneak peek.

“’Witness’ is about sexual liberation, mental liberation, and spiritual liberation.”

Aside from just being a typical live streaming video such as those seen on Facebook, her new project will show fans her reaction to the entire stream once it has ended. It will also provide conversations on “gender, politics, spirituality, and diversity.”

World tour

The project is based on Katy Perry's latest album “Witness” and from her current concert series with the same title.

The concert tour kicked off on September 19 in Montreal.

This October, she is heading to New York City, Louisville, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City and Toronto for her performances. She will also have performances in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, England and Scotland

“We are all observing life whether we are actively participating or we are just at home observing,” Perry said. “We are all part of this world.”