Jenelle Evans and David Eason recently tied the knot, despite a dramatic night prior to the wedding. But it seems that the couple's life will indeed take a detour after the wedding. Big news circulating around the web suggests that Jenelle may indeed pregnant with baby No. 4.

Jenelle pregnancy rumors

Although it is just less than a week after the wedding of the "Teen Mom 2" couple, fans are already suspecting that the reality star is pregnant. The rumors started when she shared a video on her social media pages wearing a bikini. Instead of a flat tummy, it appears that her midsection is rounder than it was in her past shots.

Because of this, fans immediately weighed in with their thoughts about the possibility that the star is once again pregnant. One fan even wrote, "If that's not pregnant, I don't know what is!" It is not hard to see why fans are constantly suspicious because Jenelle is known to deny or lie about her previous pregnancies. With that noted, it is possible that she is also keeping her alleged recent pregnancy a secret.

The couple already shares a child, Ensley Jolie, and they stated that they will no longer have children together. In a pre-wedding interview with E! News, the pair said that they already have many kids and they think they are good with having Ensley.

Hands full of children

Jenelle has three children, including her youngest, Ensley.

Her first child is 8-year-old Jace, who she had with her former boyfriend, Andrew Lewis. While filming "Teen Mom 2," she and her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith welcomed their son Kaiser, who is already three years old.

Aside from Jenelle's children, David's older children Maryssa and Kaden also live with them. Apparently, the two have their hands full with all these kids in the house.

David even told E! News that having all of these children is very time-consuming. He added that they no longer have time for themselves.

Although the pair doesn't have plans to have a baby, they cannot stop the pregnancy rumors from spreading, especially after Jenelle shared that SnapChat video. However, these are all just rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet.

The actress did not confirm nor deny the speculations. She also hasn't commented on the controversial post.

Fans are now trying to find out the truth about whether or not Jenelle Evans and David Eason will be expecting a new bundle of joy soon. Many are also asking how they would handle a new family member given the fact that there are already many children in the house.