The Kardashian family has had their lives threatened by a 35-year-old woman by the name of Maria Medrano. Medrano is in custody after showing up armed at the Kardashian's West Hollywood Dash store threatening to kill the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian's recovery from Paris robbery

According to In Touch Weekly, the woman meant business and came bursting through the doors of Kardashian's boutique, Dash on Thursday night while waving a gun and a machete around at Dash employees. Hollywood law enforcement officers were able to locate Maria Medrano, thanks to the surveillance cameras located at the Kardashian's boutique.

Kardashian hater arrested

Medrano was arrested at her home. Police officers revealed to TMZ that they found two airsoft guns. The surveillance video shows Medrano entering the Dash store in an agitated state, flinging items from the counters and displays while waving a machete around in a threatening way at the store's employees.

The crazed woman began screaming at the store's personnel "They'll be f---ing executed, you hear me?!" She ranted. "The Kardashians will be executed if they step on this territory. They'll be f---ing killed!"

Woman threatened cameraman

The woman also threated a Fox News cameraman on the scene yelling "You wanna get stabbed?!" The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe take all threats seriously especially after Kim's frightening Paris robbery last year.

As previously reported Kim Kardashian West was held and robbed at gunpoint while in a Paris hotel last year. Kim has stated numerous times that she feared for her life, and was thankful that her children were not present at the time of the horrific incident. Kim Kardashian took several months to recover from the episode. Thankfully Kim was unharmed and Paris police located her stolen jewels and arrested several people in connection with the robbery.

No one was harmed

At this time Maria Medrano has been booked for assault and criminal threats. She is currently being held on $50,000 bail. It is not clear at this time just as to what the woman was hoping to accomplish with her violent outbursts and threats. This could have been a horrific situation had any of the Kardashian women been inside the Dash boutique at the time.

Thankfully none of the Dash employees were harmed during the woman's terrifying outbursts in which she made it very clear that she was not a fan of the Kardashians.