Big Brother 19” star Jessica Graf has had it with being labeled a butt poker. The eliminated “Big Brother 19” houseguest, and the current main squeeze of Cody Nickson made headlines when she was in the CBS summertime house for some of her unwanted butt-poking antics. At the time, Jessica clearly meant her hijinks to be all in good fun, but since being out of the house, she seems to have become increasingly annoyed at being labeled a harasser and is ready to move on.

Jessica’s ‘Big Brother’ butt pokes

TMZ first reported news that Jessica repeatedly poked the behinds of some of her fellow “Big Brother” houseguests when they were sequestered in the reality TV house, so it’s no surprise that she shut down the celebrity news outlet when they began questioning her about it after the show wrapped.

According to TMZ, Jessica Graf promptly bailed on an autograph session when a reporter started asking her about her unprovoked two-finger checkups at a “Big Brother” cast party at Clifton's in downtown Los Angeles. Jessica was reportedly so annoyed by the questions that she took her autograph session inside to get away from the tabloid reporter.

TMZ previously posted videos from the “Big Brother” live feeds which showed some of the other houseguests complaining about Jessica’ antics. At one point, “Big Brother 19” player Kevin Schlehuber talked to Paul Abrahamian about it and described Jessica’s antics as “sexual harassment.” Alex Ow was reportedly uncomfortable with the unwanted touching and revealed that her cousin was raped and murdered according to Hollywood Life.

Some of the males in the house speculated on what would happen if they tried to touch Jessica’s butt.

Done talking about it

Jessica Graf is visibly irritated at being labeled as a butt poker. During her backyard interview with Dr. Will Kirby after the “Big Brother 19” finale, Graf sarcastically talked about being TMZ tabloid fodder.

It was pretty obvious that she is annoyed that a tabloid story was made out of her live feed activity. While Jessica Graf is clearly not having it, it turns out anything you do in the “Big Brother” house can come back to bite you—or poke you.

“Big Brother 19” wrapped its summer-long run earlier this week. The winner of the $500,000 grand prize was Josh Martinez, whose pots and pans clanging and circus tune singing dominated his run in the “Big Brother” house, and was probably more annoying than anything Jessica Graf did.