Kailyn Lowry traveled to New York this weekend as she had the weekend to herself. Her two oldest sons, Isaac and Lincoln, are in Florida with Javi Marroquin and they are excited to meet Mickey and all the other Disney characters. Kailyn had previously revealed that her weekend was going to be relaxing, as she and baby Lo were together alone. However, she decided to travel to New York to spend time with her son. She recently shared a picture from Times Square. In the picture, baby Lo was wearing a short-sleeve onesie and she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

Because of the heat wave that's currently going through the northeast, the clothing was actually quite appropriate. However, her fans were skeptical of her decisions as a mother and they slammed her decision to bring a newborn to New York.

Many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans lashed out at Lowry for bringing a newborn into such a busy environment. One person revealed that there were so many bacteria in the air in New York that baby Lo would for sure get sick. Others assumed that she had taken a plane to New York and that baby Lo had been exposed to the many germs on an airplane. No matter what Kailyn said or did this past weekend, fans had an opinion about it. According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry proudly showed off herself and her son in Times Square.

Chris Lopez was nowhere to be seen.

Trip to the warm New York

In the picture, Kailyn Lowry is showing off the little baby in short sleeves. In late September, this would normally not be enough clothing. But the heat wave going through the northwest changed temperatures dramatically. Some people were even swimming because it was so hot.

Some people didn't seem to understand this, as they slammed her decision to put him in short-sleeved clothing.

"Dude wtf poor baby is probably so cold! How you gonna be wearing a flannel while your baby out here freezing. He's a NEWBORN they are always way colder than adults. He needs at least a jacket/ blanket & socks! Smh!

It's your third kid you should know this by now," one follower wrote on Kailyn's Instagram photo, where she's showing little baby Lo, in New York City.

Always attacked as a bad mother

No matter what Kailyn Lowry does or says, fans of "Teen Mom 2" will find a way to make her look and feel ridiculous. She has revealed she doesn't care what people think, but that may be easier said than done. She has grown some tough skin after being in the spotlight for so many years, and she doesn't seem to take things personally.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry's decision to bring little baby Lo to New York this weekend? Do you agree with people attacking her?