Chelsea DeBoer got married to Cole DeBoer last year as she was expecting her second child, their first child together. She wanted to get married before giving birth to Watson Cole, so they decided to get married in a secret wedding last October. The day was beautiful, it was exceptionally warm, and she has some stunning wedding photos from their special day. Because the wedding happened so quickly, they decided to have a bigger wedding celebration a year from the date, so they could celebrate with friends and family - and two children. The "Teen Mom 2" star is now gearing up for a fun wedding celebration in a few weeks and she's currently finalizing the last few things before her big day.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer recently went to pick up her wedding dress for her special day. It sounds like they may reenact the entire wedding for those who were not present. Chelsea hasn't said much about the wedding day, but it is possible that more friends and family will be invited. Last year, the wedding appeared to be an intimate wedding with family members. This year, the two are planning a huge party. DeBoer recently picked up her wedding dress but she didn't reveal what she was going to look like. It is possible that she got a brand new dress compared to last year.

New dress and no celebratory tweet

Chelsea DeBoer picked up her dress over the weekend, as her "Teen Mom 2" co-star Jenelle Evans decided to get married.

Jenelle had been planning her wedding to David Eason for quite some time and it sounds like she was excited to get married. Yet, her co-stars didn't express the same joy for her. In fact, none of her co-stars attended her wedding and they didn't express any excitement on social media.

In fact, Chelsea simply reacted to a fan page that shared a picture of her picking up her dress.

It appears that she was more than excited about her own day.

Former feuds

Jenelle and Chelsea DeBoer have argued on Twitter before. Jenelle once accused the other "Teen Mom 2" stars of copying her, but Chelsea fired back as she had been the one who had gone to school to become an expert at makeup. When Jenelle was in the initial talks about her own makeup line, DeBoer revealed that Jenelle was now copying her.

It is possible that these two don't get along, and neither of them was at each other's weddings. It sounds like the feud isn't still going, but has left a bitter taste.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer enjoying her own planning? Do you think she should have reached out to Jenelle to congratulate her?