When Kailyn Lowry of "Teen Mom 2" first announced she was pregnant, she was hesitant to share the identity of the father of her child. Originally, she feared that he might not be interested in being in her child's life, and therefore wasn't too keen on sharing who he was and then having him up and leave her and her new baby. However, it appears Kail and chris lopez (whom she revealed as the father in May after being fed up by a series of accusations that she didn't know who the father of her child was) have ironed things out and he's stepped into his father role quite nicely; much more so than Kailyn actually expected him to do.

Kail speaks highly of her baby daddy

Kailyn has gotten a lot of flack for having three children with three different men, but she has insisted it doesn't make her less of a mother. Her relationship with baby daddy, Chris Lopez, was on shaky ground to begin with, as it didn't seem as though the pair had been together long when she announced she was carrying his baby. On "Teen Mom 2," when asked about him, she got extremely nervous and said that she wasn't interested in answering questions because it wasn't stable. But it seems her reluctance to talk about him has faded away.

"He's good! He's very hands-on and he kind of just picked up on it right away. I didn't have to help him hold the baby, he kind of just knew.

Same thing with diaper changing and stuff — I've never seen him work with babies before but he kind of just knew what to do," Kailyn told her audience via Facebook Live on Thursday.

Are they together or not?

According to Kailyn, she and Chris are not necessarily together, but aren't necessarily not together, whatever that means.

She says the two are working on their relationship and deciding what's right for their child, who goes by the nickname, "Baby Lo." Kailyn has named her third son, but is still keeping it a secret and waiting for the "big reveal." She has told media outlets that she is waiting to embroider his name on a custom blanket so that she can finally tell her fans what her son's new name is.

Previously, hoaxes reported that Kail had already named her son, though she has denied all of the names that people have rumored her child to have. From Kailyn's social media, however, it does not appear that Chris had a lot of say in what the child's name would be. Instead, Kail had her friend Bone come with her to help pick out the baby's name and put it on the birth certificate.