Kailyn Lowry has been making various headlines over the past couple of months, as she's learning how to co-parent with her ex-husband while caring for a newborn. Kailyn has been busy with her new baby, and she's very excited about being a mother right now. Lowry has worked hard so she can take care of her children while staying at home and it is possible that the paychecks from MTV for "Teen Mom 2" have allowed her to stay at home.

While Lowry has revealed that the pregnancy was planned and she got advice from her doctor to get pregnant. She had the child with Chris Lopez, who has been absent from "Teen Mom 2" and social media.

Even though she wanted to do this pregnancy and baby on her own, it sounds like things are a bit harder than expected.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that the lessons she's learning in life are more expensive than when she was younger. She didn't go into detail about what she was talking about, but she's going through quite a bit these days, as she's taking care of a newborn, co-parenting with two ex-partners, and she's trying to figure out what she is with Chris Lopez. Maybe she had hoped he would be around more, but she can't complain about it on social media as he wants nothing to do with the "Teen Mom 2" franchise or MTV.

More mistakes?

Many would argue that Kailyn Lowry made a mistake when she chose to get pregnant with her third child.

She has revealed that she wanted to get pregnant, as this could have been her only chance to have another baby. Maybe her tweet about things getting to be more expensive could be about the money she has to pay.

Asked for child support

On "Teen Mom 2," Javi Marroquin asked Kailyn Lowry for Child support after their split.

She was shocked and surprised to learn that Javi had gone to the courts to get money from her. Lowry was surprised because she had to support him financially because he was making his own money, Lincoln was cared for, and Lowry knew how his financial situation was. She had asked him what he needed the money for and he told her he needed to start a savings account.

Kailyn wasn't happy about it, as she didn't want to pay for his savings and his retirement. Maybe she's talking about her marriage, as the courts could have ruled in his favor.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about lessons getting more expensive? Do you think she's talking about Chris Lopez or do you think she could be talking about child support issues?