While Angelina Jolie recently admitted that she is not excited being single, Brad Pitt is reportedly Desperate to get their divorce finalized. The couple separated in September 2016 and Angie immediately filed for divorce requesting legal and physical custody over their six kids together. The actor has not been with his children for a long-time since their separation, and he is allegedly banned from seeing any of them. He was not invited to their son’s 16th birthday party, which made him furious. However, it seems that he badly wants his official and legal single life as soon as possible.

He is now desperate

A source recently told In Touch Weekly that Brad Pitt finds their divorce a pain especially because it’s been a year since they decided to do such a thing. “There has been little progress in getting close to a settlement,” the insider said. “[The actor] has had enough. He’s ready to officially take back control of his life.” The source went on to say that the actor is currently seeking bifurcation; a legal action for a judge to approve that will make the couple single again in advance to settling their assets and custody agreements. The insider also added that he has plans on getting his lawyer to expedite their impending divorce.

Does he want to date another woman again?

One can imagine that by asking his lawyers to speed up the divorce, it means that Brad Pitt wants to freely date women again.

However, the source explained that the actor only wants to start the new phase of his life without Angelina Jolie. Despite reports that they are trying to reconcile, and there has been no progress with their divorce proceedings, it looks like he is not thrilled with it. Angie’s dad, Jon Voight has been also making desperate pleas to give their marriage a chance for the sake of their children.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will never happen.

Angie admits she is not stoked being single

During her interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Angelina Jolie admitted that being single is not something that she wished for. So, we can imagine that her divorce from Brad Pitt hurts her big time. She even revealed that what she’s going through with her divorce has taken a hit on her body although she’s been trying to find time to laugh and be happy.

She added that she has been also doing her best to get past it.

For those who still have high hopes that Angie and Brad Pitt will reconcile, it’s not bad to keep hoping. Nonetheless, Brangelina might be officially over soon. It’s probably the end of an era.