Kailyn Lowry is the mother of three boys and on social media, it appears that she has everything together. She knows what to do in just about any situation and she revealed that she is very excited about her role as a mother. She loves driving her kids around to do different sports and activities, and she has repeatedly said that she always wanted a third child. Now that her third son has arrived, Kailyn revealed that she has her hands full with three kids.

Since she’s so overwhelmed with three kids, it’s possible that Kailyn may have done things differently if she was going to do them again.

Having a third child by herself is a lot of work and she may have waited until she had a partner to help her out. It could've been wise to have waited with the kids until she has enough money and spousal support to hire some help.

Not secure for kids

Despite having her third child, this "Teen Mom 2" star is now revealing that she didn't know about car seats and expiration dates. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry reveals that she was shocked to learn that car seats have expiration dates and she would not be able to use the car seat that she had for little baby Lo.

It is possible that she had saved her car seat that she had used for her other sons with the hopes of being able to use it with the baby.

While some fans attacked her for not knowing this information, Kailyn revealed that she was not the only person who didn't realize this info. Apparently, many of her friends and social media followers didn't realize this either, despite car seats being notoriously famous for having expiration dates.

Important for safety

Of course, not every person knows this important piece of information when it comes to car seats, but one has to wonder why she felt the need to discuss it on social media.

This gives the haters more fuel to argue with her as she defends her role as a mother.

One person reached out to her, saying that she doesn't even have children and she knew that car seats expire at some point. Kailyn didn't say much back to the follower, other than she wasn't the only person who didn't know about it. One can hope that Kailyn goes out of the way to get little baby Lo a new car seat so he has the best possible support for his growing body.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry’s tweets where she admits that she doesn't know about car seats expiration dates? Are you surprised that she's being so open about something that so many fans already knew?