Jenelle Evans is known for being a controversial "Teen Mom 2" star, she is the one person on the show who has been involved in the most scandals. Evans has been arrested numerous times and she even admitted to having a drug problem. She is clearly not capable of taking care of herself and she is not capable of raising three children on her own. At least, this is what fans of "Teen Mom 2" want everyone to know.

Child Protective Services has been called to the house several times and it sounds like Jenelle is getting tired of people questioning her parenting abilities.

However, she is now shutting down on social media, as she does not want to engage fans in any more stories about her life, her children, and her relationship with David Eason.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now telling fans that she doesn't have to explain herself or share details about her life if she doesn't want to. This comment was shared on social media after Jenelle was accused of letting her son Kaiser get a sunburn while playing outside.

A serious burn

Someone shared pictures of the sunburn online and it does appear that he has very red arms when compared to his very pale torso. If this picture is indeed true, it does appear that Kaiser wasn't wearing sunscreen this past weekend as he was out playing.

It is quite possible that Evans simply forgot to put sunscreen on him and he is now sunburned on his arms.

Sadly for Evans, this story about the sunburn is another bad story. It surfaced just days after it was revealed that her daughter, Ensley, had been born with THC levels in her blood. This means that Evans smoked marijuana during her pregnancy and her daughter may have been addicted to marijuana when she was born.

Again, this is something that Evans did not share with fans and she may not feel obligated to share such important details.

However, fans want an explanation as to why she hasn't been honest about her daughter's blood levels and why she's keeping such a big thing private.

Perhaps, Jenelle Evans doesn't want to talk about her daughter being born with drugs in her system, as it could prevent her from getting custody of Jace. Fans may be wondering how Jenelle is able to keep both Kaiser and Ensley in her care since they are being sunburned and being born with THC in their blood.

Things getting serious with her kids

Jenelle hasn't opened up about either of these horrific stories, but one can imagine that she does not feel obligated to share all of her mistakes on social media. Just like any other parent, she may not have an interest in putting something out there that people will clearly judge her on.

No word on whether she will discuss this on the upcoming "Teen Mom 2" reunion show with Dr.

Drew, but if he is as concerned about the children as he has previously said, he may want to bring this up and open up a discussion about why she was born with THC in her blood and why pictures of a sunburned Kaiser are surfacing on the Internet.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans shutting down and not talking about these issues on social media? Are you surprised that she is now limiting the amount of information she's releasing?