We Got This Covered recently released a report saying that “Justice League” post-production director joss whedon is cutting several characters off the upcoming movie. Re-filming and reshoots for the DC movie are still being made at the present.

Since Zack Snyder passed on the directorial duties to this “Avengers” director, there had been several significant changes that were ushered upon the film’s storyline. According to We Got This Covered, the alterations are being made alongside DC co-writer Chris Terrio.

There were several scenes that were allegedly removed from the final product of the movie.

One of them is the character of Darkseid. This character is a famous DC villain who has made appearances in some Superman comics.

Darkseid has been cut from the film along with other characters, said Mark Hughes from Superhero News. He added, “There are scenes that have been cut and characters who have been cut from the film... I’m saying things have been changed.”

More characters removed

Not only Darkseid, but there are previous reports from Batman News that said the character of Lex Luthor has been cut from the film. It was supposed to be portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, but his cameo appearance in the upcoming “Justice League” movie has reportedly been removed.

Lex Luthor is one of the most famous villains of Superman, and the character has previously appeared in the movie “Batman v Superman.” He would have appeared toward the end of the upcoming movie but was removed because of the changes spearheaded by Whedon.

Deathstroke, another villain in the DC universe, was also cut from the scenes. There are connections between Luthor and Deathstroke, but directors of the film suggested that they are not important parts of the story, the report added.

New material

Director Whedon also has worked on “two dozen pages of new material,” aside from the omitting some scenes.

Hughes of Superhero News said, “It’s fair to say that probably a third of the script total when you add the new pages he wrote, the rewrites that he wrote, the deletion of pages and scenes out of the movie.”

Post-production for the movie is still being made until today, according to some Instagram posts of actors. Some of the scenes that are being shot include those of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The “Justice League” movie, featuring actors Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, is showing worldwide in November 2017.