Viewers have not seen the last of "Big Brother 19" winner Josh Martinez. That's because he is appearing on the CBS popular soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" as a special guest. However, he will not be banging pans as he skips to circus music. Instead, the 23-year-old reality show alum will be serving up meatballs. That's because he will be a waiter in an Italian restaurant. That is so appropriate since Josh used the word "meatball" 2,600 times in reference to the other guests over the 92 days while he was in the "Big Brother" house.

After winning $500,000 on the popular CBS reality show, Josh wasn't looking for a job, but the producers of the soap opera invited him to be part of the show that's on the same network.

Martinez will guest star on the episode that will air on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. He tweeted about his excitement by saying he will be serving up meatballs on the soap opera.


"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a tradition of getting alums from "Big Brother" and other CBS reality shows to come on the soap opera shortly after the finale is over. Da’Vonne Rogers and Victor Arroyo guest-starred as cater-waiters at Bill and Brooke’s wedding on the soap opera last September. Other alums from "Big Brother" and "Survivor" have been special guests.

After all, they are all CBS shows. It is a wonderful idea for the network to keep the alums on television a little longer after they leave the shows where they were contestants.

Martinez is not the only alum you will see on the soap opera. Josh and Jessica Graf did not get along as houseguests. Jessica will also appear on the soap opera but not at the same time as Josh.

She will appear first in two separate episodes that will air on October 2 and October 17. Jessica will work in the same Italian restaurant as a waitress. She has bragging rights because she appears first and has more appearances than Josh. It could be because she was evicted first and had more time to film her parts while Josh was still competing.

It was good that she has already filmed her parts because she is on her way to being on another reality show.

Another reality show

Jessica and Cody Nickson were in a showmance while in the "Big Brother" house and were known as Jody. They are continuing their relationship outside the house. They have been confirmed as contestants on "The Amazing Race" for its 30th season that will begin filming on October 1 for shows that will be aired next summer. They will compete as a team and will probably do well.