Rubbing elbows with and being on the payroll of one of today's biggest pop stars has its perks. Acclaimed video director Joseph Khan, whose recent work was Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do," recently spoke with Variety to promote "Bodied," but ended up talking more about his relationship with Swift and what he thinks about the backlash that she has been receiving with her new video. The 44-year-old director shared that he has, in fact, heard the entire "Reputation" record due out this November 10. He told Variety, "I've heard the whole album and it's spectacular.

I'm a video director, I'm not a musician, so what she does is magical in her sensibilities in terms of what she thinks is a good song and how songs should be constructed and the things she writes about. It's always impressive for me every single time. The album is a monster."

Director defends Taylor Swifts from critics

This isn't the first time Joseph Khan spoke out in defense of Taylor Swift. As a frequent collaborator, Khan already knows the workings of Swift's mind and is familiar enough to recognize that instead of "manipulative," which a lot of people call her, she is in fact, "smart." Khan explained that it's ridiculous to call someone like Swift "manipulative" because she is in fact an artist who knows what she wants thematically for every song or every record.

He explained that it's being a smart artist and not being manipulative.

Khan engages with Twitter haters

"Look What You Made Me Do" director Joseph Khan is well aware of the "celebrity warfare" that the general public seems so obsessed about. In fact, he often receives backlash through tweets for his support of Taylor Swift.

The director once made it clear that he is indeed team Swift when it comes to her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In fact, Khan isn't afraid to air his opinions on Twitter. He even called out the very same Variety interview that this story is about, commenting that the media outlet focused more about his comments on Swift than his actual film, "Bodied."

'LWYMMD' director praises singer

Joseph Khan, who also directed "Blank Space," told Variety that one of the most admirable qualities of Taylor Swift is that "She's so consistent in who she is.

Her imaging may be changing, depending on what the thematics of the art is that she's producing, but the person remains the same. There's a core person there that is really a fantastic...and also someone that I really connect with on a creative level." "Reputation" arrives this November 10.