Doctor Who spin-off has been canceled, the show-runners confirmed to Radio Times. The rumors for a second series began in 2016. The show was going to revolve around the lives of five students from Coal Hill Academy. They are the same ones that were present in the very first episode of “Doctor Who.” After the first season concluded, fans were left yearning for more. This was because of the major cliffhanger, which led the majority to believe that there might the next installment. Much to their disappointment, nothing of this kind is going to take place.

What Damian Kavanagh has to say on the show?

According to Digital Spy, BBC Three Controller Damian Kavanagh said that there wasn’t anything wrong with the show. In fact, he thinks that Patrick Ness (the writer) did a great job with the first season. A world that had never been explored before, was brought to the small screen. Honestly, though, it “just didn’t really land for us,” Kavanagh said. As noted by Den Of Geek, Patrick Ness shot to fame with books like “A Monster Calls,” and “Chaos Walking.” Ness said that even if the show had to make a comeback, he wouldn’t be a part of it. He took to Twitter to express his opinion about the cancellation of the show. He felt that the first season “wasn’t great,” and that it never did find an audience in the UK or America.

“I understand why BBC Three chose to cancel it,” he tweeted.

The mistakes in the first season of the show plus other details

According to a report by Metro, the show’s first season itself had many issues. The dialogue – according to Metro – was hardly up to the mark. Katherine Kelly’s character (Miss Quill) had so much potential.

However, it all seemed to go waste. Another issue was with regards to “The Shadow Kin,” which looked impressive but was “dull” and “formulaic.” The whole of the first season had multiple voids, which needed filling. The show also carried a lot of sex and violent content, which didn’t really go with the world of “Doctor Who.” Since the show was always recognized to be a family-catering series, the first season was severely criticized for this move.

The Class was recognized as a spin-off to “Doctor Who,” but it hardly denoted any connections to it. The references were “paper thin,” and came across as a major disappointment to the majority of its audience. The only connection was Miss Quill, whose potential was hardly explored. It seems like it’s a goodbye for “The Class.”