If there's one thing that Taylor Swift has established by now, it's that drama follows her wherever she goes (and that whatever she does, she still sells records). The same can be said for the Kardashian family, with Kim Kardashian brave enough to show "receipts" of Swift being a liar. The beef started last year when Kardashian released footage of her husband, Kanye West on the phone with Swift, who approved questionable lyrics about herself in his song, "Famous." During an acceptance speech at the Grammys last year, Swift fired back, claiming that her success was her own and that at times, people will try to take that away from her.

Just this week, Swift dropped a music video for new fresh new single "Look What You Made Me Do," which pokes fun at herself and the negative press she has received over the last few years. In fact, she's taken the snake emoji that her social media accounts were flooded with following Kardashian's revelation and used snake imagery to promote her new record, "Reputation." The music video was directed by famed director Joseph Khan, who just recently inserted him into the Swift-Kardashian drama through a couple of tweets.

Joseph Khan takes down Kanye West, claims rapper supports Trump

According to Entertainment Weekly, Joseph Khan took to Twitter to react to a tweet from Newsweek that read, "Kim Kardashian West slams Donald Trump: ‘My daughter would be better’ as president." Khan chimed in, "Pfft.

She and Kanye were pro Trump until I wrote Pfft." To support the fact, he followed it up with a photo of West with President Donald Trump and captioned it, "Formation." Unlike Taylor Swift, who kept mum on her political beliefs, Kim Kardashian first claimed that she wasn't sure if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would win her vote.

She later backtracked and said that "without a doubt" she would support Clinton.

Director airs his opinions on Twitter, like everybody else

Korean-American director Joseph Khan has made a name for himself, directing videos for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Eminem, Dr.

Dre, Shakira, and U2, among many others. His directorial career spans 27 years and he isn't afraid to share his opinions via his Twitter page. He defended Swift's creative choices with her latest music video, writing, "If I plan something as a man I'm a "genius." If Taylor as a woman plans something she is "manipulative." Double standards. This is wrong." He also pointed out the irony of how "Everyone hates Taylor" despite the many records that "Look What You Made Me Do" has broken. Check out the video below.