Jennifer Lopez has been stunning her fans with occasional social media posts, showing her toned-up body off. Sometimes, the actress sings and dances, while other times she is simply seen looking gorgeous in different outfits. The latest post on JLo’s official Instagram account holds much value.

Singer is “preparing for something big”

According to a report by Metro, the singer posted a few images with the caption, “Preparando algo grande en mi barrio!! #amoramoramor @wisin @jessyterrero #videonuevo #vienepronto,” on her official Instagram account.

The English version of the caption literally translates into, “preparing for something big.” Lopez is believed to be referring her new upcoming song called, “Amor Amor Amor.” She posted a teaser video for the song last May. That post appeared to be part of a clip of her singing along to the actual song. The celebrity is seen listening and singing to the songs played on the car stereo, along with her friend.

The latest pic on social media

As noted by IBTimes, the latest one posted by Lopez can see her holding a glass of frappuccino, but with diamonds encrusted on the cup. What remains unclear is whether it is an actual prop or something that the singer likes to play along with, during her breaks.

As far as her style is concerned, the celebrity is seen wearing a fierce fur coat over a white ‘Guess’ t-shirt, paired up with black leather pants and lace-up boots. This is further complimented by gold accessories, which include the standard hoop earrings as well. According to a report by Daily Mail, the look and feel in the video is pretty identical to her 2002’s hit, “Jenny From The Block,” which was shot in New York as well.

When comparing the two, it doesn’t seem like Lopez has aged a single day. Instead, it appears as though she is looking better with the years. Stunning the fans with her toned-abs, the celebrity is seen accompanied by a hunky-looking tattooed artist on her side. There are many scenes wherein Jennifer is seen sharing a smoldering glance with the artist as well.

Lopez was recently even spotted wearing a body-hugging denim ensemble, paired up with thigh-high boots and aviator shades in New York. The actress is probably trying to get into the “ghetto” look and feel of New York City. She recently wrapped up filming for “Shades of Blue,” Season 3, which is expected to debut on-screen early next year. The release date for “Amor Amor Amor” meanwhile, seems to be close to arrival.