Jenelle Evans is on a new path as she is set to get married in just a few weeks. She has settled down in the country and she now wants to live a peaceful life. Evans still has to deal with her mother, as she needs to schedule days where she can pick up and drop off Jace. A judge recently ruled that Jenelle needs time with her son, as the overall goal is for them to live together again. Even though Barbara doesn't want to hand over Jace to her daughter, it sounds like she will keep fighting for it.

On "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans is learning that her son Jace will say just about anything to please both her and Barbara.

When Evans is with Jace, he tells her that he wants to live with her. When he's with Barbara, he will tell her that he doesn't like David Eason and he wants nothing to do with them. According to a new set of tweets, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she wants to respect her son's wishes and she's planning on leaving him out of her videos and SnapChats. As it turns out, he now has his own voice and she doesn't want to speak for him.

Limiting his presence

Evans is revealing that Jace is seeing a therapist and she is hoping to get the truth from him. Right now, she and Barbara don't know what he really wants because he keeps saying what he thinks they want to hear. On social media, Jenelle reveals that she won't be talking about Jace anymore, as she wants to protect his privacy.

In addition, she wants fans to respect him being in therapy and talking to just one person.

No word on whether Jenelle will keep him away from the "Teen Mom 2" cameras, but one can imagine she will have a hard time doing so, as the producers want to film him.

Her storyline is about her custody battle over Jace, so it makes sense that she would want to protect him.

Barbara keeps silent

Jenelle Evans reveals that she hopes her mother will respect her wishes to keep Jace away from the spotlight. Jenelle has revealed that Barbara only films MTV because she gets a massive paycheck from MTV.

Sadly, she theorizes that she's using Jace to remain relevant on the show because that secures her a paycheck. Jenelle has revealed that mother works at Walmart, so one can imagine that the MTV paycheck helps a lot.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweets about keeping Jace away from social media and only posting a few pictures of him? Do you think she will be able to keep Jace away from the spotlight to protect him in hopes of getting him back in her legal care?