Jennifer Lawrence is undeniably one of the most relatable celebrities in Hollywood. From falling down on the red carpet to being frank and blunt during interviews, fans of the 27-year-old actress are used to her anecdotes.

Lawrence filmed her latest project, "Red Sparrow," in Budapest, and she shared her recent altercation in one of the bars there. When she guested on the "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Lawrence revealed that she got in a bar fight in Budapest. She explained that there was an aggressive and clearly drunk fan that kept asking her for a selfie even when she calmly turned him down the first time.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the drunk fan was very insistent on taking a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence, saying that he needed to have a photo so that his girlfriend would believe him. One of Lawrence's friends joked that if the fan's girlfriend wouldn't believe that he saw J-Law without a photo as a proof, maybe she's not "the one."

Drunk and hot-tempered

The joke that J-Law's friend cracked to the drunk fan was not taken lightly. Lawrence elaborated to Seth Meyers that the aggressive fan walked away and muttered the F-word before leaving and that was when something inside her snapped.

The "Passengers" actress claimed that she felt really offended and was pretty much sure that she was acting on her instinct and not because of the alcohol.

She confronted the offensive fan and asked him what he just said. What happened next was the most interesting part—Lawrence began dousing the fan with beer.

She also noticed that the man was carrying a suitcase and began dousing it with beer as well. Before things turned ugly, Lawrence's friend named Chris grabbed her from behind and tried to stop her by saying that it's not a good thing to waste beer.

Lawrence admitted that she actually calmed down by the thought that she was actually wasting a lot of beer.

Candid as always

Fans who watched Jennifer Lawrence hilariously tell the tale of her bar fight in Budapest admired her candidness and sense of humor. Her reaction to the rude fan's behaviour only showed that she may be prim and proper on the red carpet, but when provoked, she can be really brave and spunky.

According to Mail Online, Lawrence also drew a lot of laughs as she drank her way through her interview with Seth Meyers, saying that she was actually dealing with a hangover at the moment. She revealed that she partied too hard the previous evening during the New York City premiere of her new film, "Mother!"