Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been divorced for weeks now, but the ex-couple is still filled with nasty rumors about their separate lives. New reports suggest that the "Elektra" actress has been dealing with pregnancy without Affleck at her side.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially filed for divorce in April, after being married to each other for 10 years. The ex-couple agreed to co-parent their three kids, Samuel, Seraphina and Violet, despite now living separate lives. Rumors claimed that Garner is already pregnant with twins when she filed for divorce.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck not expecting twins

Despite the pregnancy rumors from PEOPLE Magazine, Garner officially responded to it saying she has never participated or posed for the outlet's new article. The "Pearl Harbor" actress stated that she did not authorized the publication to publish the story about her pregnancy.

Garner felt the need to speak up about the pregnancy rumors, because it has already affected the lives of her loved ones. She admitted that she and her family members were shocked about the pregnancy reports from the famous publication. She also unveiled that her friends and family have been calling her, asking if she is really expecting twins.

For Garner, her family is already complete. Even though she is already divorced from Affleck, she believes that her love for her three kids is enough to keep her going in life.

In fact, she has nothing to get sad about since she and Affleck are in good terms.

According to an insider, Garner continues to deal with the hardships of her life, but she knows that everything will be okay. Garner is reportedly doing a great job in taking care of her family.

PEOPLE finally responds to Garner's message

The article also revealed that Garner is not yet ready to date because she is still in love with Affleck.

Perhaps, the statement from both sides already cleared up the issue.

As reported by E! News, People has finally responded saying that their magazine covers Hollywood stars who are loved by their dedicated audience. Their statement also unveiled that their issue on Garner's story entitled, "Life After Heartbreak" does not say she is pregnant at all.

There is no doubt that jennifer garner and ben affleck have already mastered the art of sharing the custody of their children without fighting. The ex-couple continue to say good things about each other and wishes one another well.

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