South Park” is returning for a new season in a few days. The purveyors of the long running satirical show about a group of foul mouthed elementary school students promised that they would shy away from politics after the Mr. Garrison as Donald Trump story line from last year went sideways when Hillary Clinton lost the election. It looks like Matt Stone and Trey Parker, not being able to help themselves, have decided to defer the fulfillment of that promise with a look at White Nationalism.

Get ready for ‘White People Renovating Houses’

The first show of the new season is going to be entitled "White People Renovating Houses." People carrying tiki torches and waving Confederate flags will take to the streets of South Park because it is screamingly funny.

Randy Marsh, Stan’s dad, has to come to terms with what it means to be white in today’s society. The episode airs, unless Comedy Central gets cold feet, on September 13.

Finding something to laugh about white nationalism

That the “South Park” guys are being bold in deciding to poke fun at so-called white nationalism, considering that the brawl in Charlottesville caused one death and numerous injuries, is to put the matter mildly. Most of the media regard the rise of Neo Nazis, the Klan, and various other disreputable groups as the gravest threat to the American republic in its history. Many people roll their eyes at the idea that a few thousand malcontents (not to mention the equally obnoxious Antifa) are a threat to anything.

Still, it’s a great target to distract people from the real problems and a cool way to strike at Donald Trump, who has been accused of being the most racist president since Woodrow Wilson.

However, it looks like Stone and Parker are on the right track, taking up the point Mel Brooks made that the best way to deal with fanatics is to make them look ridiculous.

They have poked fun at a great many people and groups over the years on “South Park.” None have escaped entirely unscathed.

One question arises, of course. Eric Cartman, the fat kid, has always been depicted as a barely closeted fascist who derives validation in being hyper aggressive and more than a little bigoted, especially against Kyle, the Jewish kid.

How is get going to feel about a white nationalist uprising in the streets of South Park and he not being the instigator?

Of course, maybe Cartman is behind the yokels carrying on and clinging to their flags and their statues. It would be just like him to start that kind of trouble.