Fergie and Josh Duhamel ended their marriage after eight years; they have one son together.

The former couple released a joint statement to CNN saying that they still have “absolute love and respect” for each other, but they have decided to separate as a couple. They revealed that they split earlier this year.

More details from the joint statement

The two pointed out in their joint statement that they wanted to give their family the best opportunity to adjust that is why they decided to release the joint statement only months after the separation took place.

They said that they would remain united “in our support of each other and our family."

Fergie and Duhamel are the parents of four-year-old Axl

The two have been posting photos of their time together as well as their time spent with their son on their social media pages and it remains unclear when exactly they decided to break-up. It remains unknown what the reason for the split was.

What sources are saying

Sources told E! News that Duhamel and Fergie grew apart. They have reportedly tried to sort their problems and their relationship in general for the past year, but they have exhausted all efforts, and they could no longer stay as a married couple.

Another source said that Fergie and Duhamel have completely different lifestyles and that they do not have a lot of things in common.

The source claimed that Duhamel was so attracted to Fergie the first months they were together, and he overlooked how they have nothing in common. Accordingly, Duhamel does not want to be in the spotlight every time while Fergie intends to concentrate on her career and live her life in the public eye.

Fergie is reportedly too focused on her tour, her new music, and their son.

None of these statements from the sources have been confirmed.

Another insider also said that although the two have separated, there was no big fight when they decided to end their marriage. They still love each other a lot, and the separation was amicable. They hope to make things work especially when they co-parent Axl.

Duhamel spotted for the first time without his wedding ring

According to People magazine, Duhamel was spotted out and about for the first time without his wedding ring. Hours after the joint statement was released, Duhamel was seen on a hiking trail in Brentwood, California. Fergie, on the other hand, recently performed in Rio de Janeiro. Stay tuned to Blasting News!