September did not disappoint television fans. This month saw the comeback of several TV shows, along with the return of fan favorites as well as new characters. Hopefully, October will offer the same sort of excitement, with the return of "Supernatural" and its lead characters, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, in season 13.

When the post-apocalyptic universe was introduced in the previous season, it opened up a lot of possibilities for “Supernatural” season 13. For example, Bobby Singer was dead since season 7 and he only showed up in flashbacks.

‘Supernatural’ brings back old characters

This time, there is more excuse for Bobby Singer to be with the Winchester brothers played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. But the treat for the fans is the news that familiar characters are going to be back. Needless to say, fans have a lot of character names and theories prepared.

Andrew Dabb confirmed this news saying, “Even if it is not played by an actor that we recognize, there are certain characters that are going to come back in different bodies.” This seems familiar when Matt Cohen played the role of a younger John Winchester, originally played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Even the demon Meg was played by 2 actresses (Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner) including Padalecki in season 2.

There are a lot of fans rooting for Meg the demon, John Winchester, and Azazel to come back. And if there’s a new actor in town, he or she will have large shoes to fill in.

What happens to Castiel?

As for Castiel, he is destined to be back but it may take a while. The brothers will be busy parenting Jack (Alexander Calvert) in the first few episodes.

Calvert will be the new and intriguing face in “Supernatural”.

Ackles, Padalecki, and Misha were just a few of the celebrities who were busy raising money in August, for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They launched a fund raising campaign through Ackles’ company in Texas and Collin’s Random Acts charity.

The results were stunning, thanks to the kind hearts who were willing to help.

So far, they already reached more than $200,000 with their $350,000 goal.

Jensen Ackles was quick to thank those who donated by posting a video on Instagram saying, “I wish I was down there helping people and pulling people off of roofs in a boat right now, but I'm not. This is what I can do, and you are helping me do it, so thank you very much on behalf of myself and my family and all those in Texas."

Catch Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on “Supernatural” Season 13 this October 12.