Jenelle Evans has been keeping a fairly big secret from her fans in regards to her daughter's birth. Last week, a rumor surfaced that the "Teen Mom 2" star had given birth to her daughter back in January and had been told that her daughter had THC in her blood. This essentially means that Jenelle’s daughter had been born with an ingredient that you can find in marijuana at the time of her birth. While Jenelle has repeatedly denied using drugs, it appears that she had indeed Smoked Pot when she was pregnant with her baby girl.

"Teen Mom 2" star Evans has repeatedly said that she does not see marijuana as a drug, as she has previously been hooked on heroin.

When you compare these two drugs, marijuana seems to be less serious. When Evans was asked on Twitter whether she had smoked pot during her pregnancy, she denied having done any drugs. Perhaps she didn't want to admit that she had indeed smoked pot, as this could give her mother fuel in their custody battle over Jace. It is no secret that her mother Barbara has used her past drug use as a way of gaining control with the courts, so she can keep Jace to herself.

Keeping kid issues to herself

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now disappointing her fans as they are concerned for their three children. Barbara keeps saying that Jace should not be turned over to Jenelle because of David Eason.

She claims he is violent and is not good for the children. Pictures also surfaced of Kaiser being severely sunburned and now this news with Jenelle and Ensley is surely a cause for concern.

Cause for removal?

So will Jenelle’s daughter be taken away?

While Jenelle's daughter was born with THC in her blood, there is currently no reason to remove the child. It sounds like Ensley is thriving in her environment based on what fans see on social media. Of course, this doesn't tell the whole story and Jenelle may be keeping important details from the court and the authorities.

Child Protective Services usually steps in if there is a cause for concern, but it sounds like Evans may be able to keep her children at home, as she is not exposing them to her current marijuana use.

As long as her continued use of marijuana is not present in front of the children, a judge may not see a problem with the kids being with her. No word on what the judge will say when she goes back to fight for custody of Jace. It is possible that this THC in Ensley’s blood may work against her and she may never get Jace back.

Were you surprised to hear that Jenelle Evans’ daughter was born with THC in her blood? What do you think should happen to her children?