Tamra Judge was one of the only "Real Housewives of Orange County" stars that was willing to give vicki gunvalson a second chance. She took the time to listen to what her former best friend had to say in regards to the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal and she was willing to forgive and forget - at least for a little while. Tamra quickly realized that perhaps she shouldn't have forgiven her former friend so quickly, as she learned that Vicki was saying things about her marriage behind her back.

While Vicki didn't talk about the rumors on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Tamra did learn about the rumors while the show was on hiatus.

She learned that Vicki was bashing Eddie Judge, calling him gay. Fans wondered why Eddie would marry Tamra if he was into guys, and the rumor was quickly debunked by the viewers. Tamra could only laugh it off, but she was angry that her former friend would say such things. According to a new tweet, Tamra Judge is now revealing that she and Vicki will never be friends and she just made a harsh statement about her former friend.

Attack on the gay community?

A viewer reached out to Tamra Judge, asking her about her friendship with Vicki Gunvalson. The follower asked if Tamra and Vicki had indeed worked out their issues as they had done in the past. The ladies often go through cycles on the show. One season they are friends, and the next season they are not.

It is natural for these women to make up and then get into odd arguments again, so it makes sense for this fan to ask.

But it sounds like Judge has no interest in being friends with Vicki again, especially after watching this week's episode of the show.

In her tweet, Tamra Judge reveals that Gunvalson is a homophobic bully, who just wants to hurt people. No word on what made her tweet this, but fans will learn what Vicki has said or done to make Tamra write such things on social media.

Would never leave the drama

If Vicki did indeed say something that is homophobic, one can imagine fans will reach out to her and let her know that it wasn't alright for her to say something like that.

Gunvalson has revealed that she has absolutely no interest in leaving the show behind, so it would be sad if she did indeed anger a huge demographic watching the show. No word on how Vicki will recover, as this isn't the first time she has been in trouble for comments that didn't flatter the LGBTQ community.

What do you think of Tamra Judge's tweet about Vicki? What do you think she said?