Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter Ensley back in January and she quickly realized that she couldn't breastfeed her daughter. Her milk supply wasn't great and she developed clogged milk ducts as she kept trying to produce milk. On Twitter, Evans revealed that it was quite painful and she received some backlash for not trying to keep the breastfeeding going. But by offering a bottle, Jenelle can pass on the responsibility of feeding Ensley to David Eason. The "Teen Mom 2" star can share the responsibility of a newborn, which is great.

According to a new response on social media, Jenelle Evans is now getting slammed for attending an award show almost 6 months after Ensley was born.

This past weekend, Evans and her future husband David went to the VMAs in Los Angeles and she stunned on the red carpet. The two were clearly in love and one can imagine they enjoyed some time away from the children. Evans and Eason have moved to a home in the country to get away from the public eye and it sounds like they love being away from everyone.

Forgetting about the children for a night

It is definitely interesting that Jenelle Evans being slammed for spending one night away from her children, considering Ensley can be cared for by a babysitter. It is possible that they brought the children with them to Los Angeles and just had a babysitter for a few hours as they attended the award show.

However, one person couldn't wait to attack Jenelle, revealing that she must have been excited to leave her children behind.

"Ew can't wait to leave those kids!! Why did you have them all of you don't want to raise them, only good for magazine money and Instagram pictures smh," the person wrote.

In addition to the comment about leaving the children, Evans was also accused of only using her children for fame and Instagram ads.

It seems like this particular follower doesn't believe that Jenelle truly cares for her children.

Focusing on the future

Of course, Jenelle Evans has turned her life around completely. Over the past couple of years, Evans has stopped sharing so much of her life on social media, she has gotten clean in regards to her heroin addiction, and she has continued her fight to get Jace back.

A judge revealed that she would not be getting custody at present time, but did allow her to get a set time with him so they can rebuild their relationship.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans getting slammed for going to the VMAs over the weekend?