Kailyn Lowry has recently revealed that she was very upset with viewers spreading false rumors about herself. A recent rumor revealed that she had been pregnant seven times by seven different men. When Lowry heard the rumor, she revealed that she didn't appreciate how people would say just about anything about her to cause a stir. The "Teen Mom 2" hasn't revealed how many times she has been pregnant, but four times is public knowledge. Three of them resulted in sons and one was a miscarriage while she was with Javi Marroquin. But as much as Kailyn doesn't like people talking about her life, one follower is now calling her out for speaking about Ryan Edwards' supposed divorce.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry was slammed by the follower, who asked her not to talk about other people's problems. Of course, Ryan Edwards has made headlines over the past couple of days due to supposed cheating rumors and rehab. While one can imagine that Lowry is loyal to Maci Bookout, it is still rude to talk about him, as Maci probably wants to protect their son, Bentley.

Maci Bookout's ex-boyfriend

"But why are you posting crap about Mackenzie and what's his face divorce?! That is very disrespectful and such a private matter! Remember when you were going through your divorce? I'm sure you didn't want or need every body else knowing about it and adding there two cents into it.

Please stop, it's not kind," the follower wrote to Kailyn Lowry.

It's uncertain what Kailyn said about the rumor that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie are divorcing so soon after getting married. Of course, Maci was thrilled about Mackenzie being Bentley's stepmother, but it sounds like the romance was short-lived if the rumors are true.

Kailyn should know better than to speak out about the divorce, as she now has three children. If Javi was getting divorced from someone, one can imagine she wouldn't appreciate someone mocking him as he is still the father of Lincoln. In some capacity, he's going to be affected by it.

Focusing on baby

Maybe Lowry didn't say something mean.

But perhaps it is best for her to not say anything. As she knows, many of the "Teen Mom" stars face rumors that are completely false. She has faced the rumor that she has been pregnant seven times by seven different men. She knows how hurtful rumors can be, especially when there are children involved. One can imagine that if she did indeed say something mean that Maci and Ryan are not happy about it simply because of their son Bentley. As for Mackenzie, Kailyn may not know her, which is why she doesn't have a problem saying something.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry supposedly talking about Ryan Edwards' divorce?