Jax Taylor and brittany cartwright have been doing great on "Vanderpump Rules," but on their new spin-off show some people thought they might be splitting. They showed the world that they are not a perfect couple, but nobody is either. Now, Us Magazine is sharing all about how Jax admits that he felt pressure to propose to her and also sharing how they are doing now. There have been some rumors flying that Jax and Brittany didn't make it and split up on the finale.

Jax talks about pressure from her family

Jax Taylor is now speaking out and saying that he felt a lot of pressure from her family to pop the question.

On the show, everyone saw Jax show her mom and grandma that he had been working with a ring designer to make one for her, but it didn't sound like he had bought it just yet. Her mom seemed really excited by the idea of Jax being her son-in-law someday, but Brittany's dad wasn't quite as excited.

Jax shared that he really does like her family, but he ended up being questioned as soon as he got off the plane. Brittany has made it clear that she wants marriage and with Jax Taylor. One thing that a lot of people don't know is how long ago they filmed this show. Jax and Brittany filmed their spin-off about a year ago and at that time they had only been dating for a year and a half. They have been together a lot longer now obviously and if he has popped the question then Jax hasn't shared it.

How are Jax and Brittany now?

First off, if they are engaged they are keeping that quiet. Jax shared that they are still together and are spending a ton of time together since they work together as well as film the show together. It sounds like a proposal is coming, but not until they are both ready for it. You know that the cameras will be rolling for that, but when Tom and Katie got engaged they went ahead and let everyone know and didn't make them wait to see it on the show even though it was filmed and shown later.

Now another thing that Jax Taylor shared is that before Brittany he didn't want to get married. It does sound like he has moved past that and will actually end up proposing at some point, but fans are going to have to wait on it. Jax isn't the type of guy that will just let someone tell him what to do. You know that it is going to be on his terms when he asks her to marry him.

Are you surprised to hear about how much pressure Jax felt to propose? Do you feel like these two will end up married someday? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when it returns to Bravo.