Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were reportedly spotted again in the same city and at the same time recently. A report from E! News revealed that the unconfirmed couple was seen attending the New York Fashion Week together. This week, the two actors were also spotted separately at the Manhattan and it was confirmed that both were scheduled to attend the bi-annual fashion event.

Earlier this week, Holmes reportedly attended the fashion shows for Lanyu and Ralph Lauren. On the other hand, Foxx also attended a different event where he supported his daughter, Corrine, as she walked the runway for the first time at the Sherri Hill fashion show.

Hand in hand, both of them supported the events which will benefit the displaced victims of the hurricane.

Being caught together

It was not the first time for Foxx and Holmes to be caught spending romantic time together. Despite being mum over the news, the rumored couple has constantly sparked reports about their relationship. Just recently, Foxx and Holmes reportedly spent the Labor Day weekend together in Malibu beach. Numbers of eyewitnesses had seen their PDAs as they enjoyed the beach.

The couple was spotted holding hands as they walked along the shore. A source told E! News that both enjoyed splashing the water at each other. While the couple hasn't officially confirmed their real relationship status, both were already out in public for several times which indirectly confirmed that they had been together for quite a long time.

Proud dad

Following the long-time speculations about their relationship, Foxx was indeed a proud dad as he spent a moment with his daughter Corinne before hitting the runway.

On Tuesday, the actor showed up at the fashion event for Sherri Hill in order to support her 23-year old daughter.

According to CBS8, Corinne looked beautiful and gorgeous on her laced dress as she posed for a photo together with her father. She also revealed that Foxx will always be her comforting face along the runway.

Indeed, Corinne was thankful of her father's presence and support during the event.

Undoubtedly, the Hollywood actor was also proud seeing his daughter doing her thing on the runway. Foxx added that seeing his daughter at the fashion show simply meant everything for him.

Though people can only speculate that Foxx and Holmes have just crossed paths in New York, most of his fans couldn't help but admire him for doing his father duties to her daughter in one of her important milestones.