After the alleged kidnapping, the woman is now complaining that she had been gang raped by the Polish metal band Decapitated on Aug. 31. The Spokane Police Department's Special Victim's Unit (SVU) is now looking for more witnesses who could have possibly seen what really transpired after the group’s concert in Spoken, Washington.

The court documents stated the sexual assault happened on the band’s tour bus while outside The Pin Concert venue. All four band members, Hubert Wiecek (30), Michal Lysejko (31), Rafal Piotrowski (31), and Waclaw Kieltyka (35), were arrested after their performance in Santa Ana, California with Thy Art Is Murder as part of their “Double Homicide” tour on Sept.


The detention with no bail

Decapitated is now in Los Angeles County jail, where records show they are being held without bail, Blabber Mouth reported.

The court documents stated the group had kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman inside their tour bus outside The Pin concert venue. They are still waiting to be extradited to Spokane.

According to KABC, Hubert Wiecek, Michal Lysejko, Rafal Piotrowski, and Waclaw Kieltyka had a Polish translator, per their request, while taking their turns to talk to a judge in a courtroom on Sept 12. They all agreed to be transported to Washington. They, too, were accompanied by a Polish consulate representative.

The group’s lawyer, Steve Graham, released an official statement on Monday saying Decapitated will fight the allegations against them.

The group is also confident that the other side of the story will be revealed.

The victim’s side story

Spokane Police Department worked with the LA County Sheriff's office to put Decapitated in custody after the alleged victim claimed that the group held her against her will.

In court documents, the woman revealed that she was invited by Hubert Wiecek, Michal Lysejko, Rafal Piotrowski, and Waclaw Kieltyka along with a friend for a drink on their tour bus after their concert.

While on the bus, Lysejko allegedly grabbed her breasts. The group started talking in Polish and eyed them like a prey. Piotrowski began kissing her, and when he was about to undo her belt, she started resisting. When she tried to push Piotrowski away, he grabbed her by her arm, spun her around, and found herself inside the bathroom; facing the sink and the mirror. She then saw them taking turns on raping her in the mirror.