Meghan Markle is not engaged to Prince Harry yet, but the engagement seems imminent. For that reason, fans of "Suits" are wondering how her engagement will affect her role on the legal series. Rachel Zane, played by Meghan Markle has worked her way up from paralegal to a lawyer on the show. While she is not engaged in real life, her character is engaged to Mike Ross.

Season 7 is in progress now. Last Wednesday night USA Network aired the 100th episode, which was actually the eighth of 16 episodes in this season which will end in late November.

Season 8?

While viewers are wondering whether Meghan will be in Season 8, no one knows for sure if there will be another season of "Suits." In the past, the announcement about an upcoming season happened a whole year in advance. It hasn't been announced yet, and there are only two more months left in the current season. The series has not been given the green light for another season, and die-hard fans are on pins and needles. They want to see another season even if Markle isn't in it.

However, there will be a spinoff series focusing on Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres, who left the show. Torres will be in the lead role of a political drama.

What if Meghan does leave the show?

Producers say if Markle decides to leave "Suits," the show will continue if it is renewed.

While Rachel has an important role on the show, she is not the main cast member, and she could easily be written off. Presently, the odds are that she will not return for another season.

Meghan's fellow cast members have noticed that since she has been dating Prince Harry, things have changed on the set especially in reference to security.

For instance, her name is no longer listed on the shoot schedules. Cast members and the crew have been asked to protect her privacy. They believe she is going to marry Prince Harry, and will eventually leave "Suits." They are happy for her and know she will be able to handle royalty.

Prince Harry and the actress have been dating since the summer of 2016, and their relationship has grown much stronger since then.

They have just returned from a three-week African trip where Harry took Meghan to celebrate her birthday when she turned 36 on August 4. Prince Harry will turn 33 on September 15. He said he wanted to be engaged by then.

Over the year, they have gotten together on many occasions. They have gone on other trips together and attended two weddings. When Meghan isn't filming in Toronto, she spends long periods of time in London. She probably won't have to travel back and forth much longer.