Show runners of “Fargo” have aired three seasons so far, which has managed to bring a decent amount of ratings for FX network. Critics of the show feel that the theme is dead and it doesn’t make sense to drag the premise out any longer, as was pointed out in a report by Den Of Geek. This may come across as disheartening for fans but a glimmer of hope emerged for them when FX Chief John Landgraf hinted towards a potential season 4.

The next season of the show might come

According to a report by Variety, while on the annual TCA summer press tour earlier last month, FX President, John Landgraf said that they have encouraged Noah Hawley (Fargo’s writer) to pursue the possibility of a next installment.

Landgraf said that the network doesn’t have any idea at this time about what the next season will revolve around but they are enthusiastic about any future possible developments.

Noah, who has been the chief writer for “Fargo” since the very first season, has a very busy schedule ahead of him. He is currently working on finishing “Legion” season 2 and a feature film that is scheduled to premiere early next year. Landgraf says that he is hoping Noah will be able to schedule some time and contemplate creating a fourth season for “Fargo.”

Hawley recently signed a contract with Fox, for developing a “Doctor Doom” movie. “Doctor Doom” is believed to be a story surrounding a sorcerer that uses a mask to cover his disfigured face.

The character has appeared in many super hero films before with the most popular of them being, the “Fantastic Four.” Noah was asked to speak about the possibility of a fourth season at the ATX Television Festival. At that time, he suggested that if an idea came up, then they would definitely pursue it. He basically wants to avoid repeating the ideas and is taking his own sweet time for inspiration to arrive.

The past of the show

As noted by Den of Geek, the third season of the show wrapped up in April this year. Oscar-nominee Ewan McGregor along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, David Thewlis and Carrie Coon took up much of the screen time throughout the season. The show has undergone a lot of changes in the last three seasons. Each of the installments have been based in different regions, including Minnesota and North Dokata. According to a report by Slash Films, the show runners have tried keeping the basic theme of small-time crime stories intact in every season. Fans have to wait a bit more for the next season.