"Suits'" 100th episode, which aired on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, was worth watching on the USA Network. It was directed by Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross. The milestone episode was a combination of legal and personal matters. This legal matter was taken care of when Robert Zane helped Harvey and Mike close the prisoner abuse case Mike had been working on.

Donna's dilemma

Harvey and Paula had dinner together to celebrate their two-month anniversary. Harvey gave Paula a key to his apartment, and realizing that Harvey and Paula's relationship is developing, Donna felt lonely and left out.

She called an ex-boyfriend who agreed to see her the next day. When they had lunch, Mark revealed that he is married, but still wants to have a relationship with Donna. He rationalized this by saying he and his wife are unhappily married.

Donna initially rejected his invitation to meet at a hotel, but she changed her mind because she felt bad for herself about Harvey and Paula. She agreed to meet Mark at a hotel. Just as she was knocking on the door, she received a text from Rachel telling her that she deserves the best. It was a generic statement because Rachel knew nothing about Mark. When Mark answered the door, Donna tells him she shouldn't be there after all.

Louis' proposition

Like Donna, Louis also received a proposition from an old flame.

When Louis found out no associates were coming from Columbia, he went to the college to find out why. He barged into the recruitment office and came face-to-face with his ex-fianceé Sheila. She is engaged to someone else and has moved back to New York to be with the man she is going to marry in two weeks.

Louis accepted the news as best he could.

When he went back to his office, Sheila called and engaged in telephone sex with him. She asks Louis to spend one more night with her before she walks down the aisle.

Different decisions

At the end of the telephone call, Rachel enters Louis' office, and he tells her what happened and asks her for advice. Rachel said she wouldn't judge him no matter what decision he made.

In other words, Rachel was instrumental in Donna and Louis' decisions.

Donna and Louis were seen walking in the same hotel to rooms of their exes. However, their final decisions were very different. While Donna turned down Mark's proposition, Louis accepted Sheila’s offer. He knocked on the door, and when she opened it, he went inside as the 100th episode ended.