Catelynn Lowell has shared her struggle with depression and postpartum struggles on "Teen Mom OG" and she has questioned her role as a mother and wife several times. Fans have seen her go get help and she even spent some time in rehab to work on herself. Some fans have predicted that perhaps her depression and anxiety got started when she gave up her daughter Carly for adoption. Lowell struggled to deal with her emotions, as she wanted to raise her daughter like her own. While fans have seen her struggles on the show, she's now revealing that she has kept some depressive thoughts to herself and she has faked her happiness before.

According to a new tweet, Catelynn Lowell is now revealing that she has faked her own happiness for a long time and she hid how much she was actually hurting inside. Her comment surfaced on Twitter after someone spoke out about Chester Bennington, who committed suicide a few weeks ago. He was hiding his depression from his family and friends, and they were convinced that he was doing just fine. Catelynn can relate to him hiding his feelings and she opened up about his struggles.

Admits to not being honest

When a follower wrote that Chester wasn't showing a fake smile in one of the pictures, Catelynn Lowell weighed in, revealing that she would smile in pictures and be fake about her happiness as she was hurting inside.

She wasn't saying that it was a fake smile that can clearly be spotted, but rather than it is easy for some people to fake being happy to fool those around her. For Lowell, this also includes smiling to her husband when she was devastated inside.

One can imagine that Tyler Baltierra knows that Lowell was struggling with her depression and was possibly fake smiling a lot to fool those around her.

Lowell has been very open about her depression and even allowed the MTV crew to film her getting therapy and rehab.

Adoption and depression

As mentioned before, fans believe that Catelynn Lowell's depression was triggered by her decision to give Carly up for adoption. She was clearly upset about the decision, but at 16 she knew that she was unable to care for the baby.

After having baby Nova, she may have realized that giving up her daughter for adoption when she was a teenager was the best thing for them all, even if she ended up depressed.

What do you think about Catelynn Lowell's admission that she has faked a lot of her feelings during her depression, even when it comes to her husband?