The verdict has returned, and it’s official: “Spider Man: Homecoming” is the latest top-grosser in the Chinese box office, making a total of $70.8 million over the weekend. Tom Holland, it appears, has an unmistakable appeal with Chinese audiences.

That’s not the only newsworthy mention of the latest actor to wear the tights of Spidey.

Marvel has a lot of secrets. The word is that the same actor has trouble keeping these secrets.

This should make him a hot topic for a lot of people; knowing how hot the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now, a lot will pay for Tom’s “storytelling.” The word is that it won’t really take that much to make the actor talk.

How China loved Peter Parker

China loved “Spider Man: Homecoming” so much that it became the third-grossing superhero film. It was also the second top-grossing ‘Spider Man’ film. It beat all others except “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” a movie which earned $94.4 million in its own box office weekend in 2014; The Tom Holland-led film is a good bet to clear that amount, though.

The film did really well on IMAX, with 442 screens making $6 million for the box office. Currently, the film ranked fifth among a list that included “The Fate of the Furious,” “Transformers: The Last Knight,” and “Kong: Skull Island.” Interestingly, it also drove “Wonder Woman” out of that list.

It was impressive enough to have jumped over three other films in the opening weekend list.

“Dunkirk,” “A Silent Voice,” and “Wolf Warrior II” were in danger of being relegated to second, third, and fourth in that list.

Want to know an MCU secret? Talk to Tom Holland

A big box office can only mean good things for Marvel. If you want to know more good things, though, you should speak to Tom Holland.

The rumors about the actor’s loose lips came after he playfully tweeted about it.

In his tweet, he debated with himself about the ‘Spider-Man’ suit. One part of him wondered why Marvel never shared secrets with him; the other wanted to share the suit the company left with him.

It might have gotten out of hand. Laura Harrier, the actress behind Liz Thompson, said that Tom was really terrible at keeping secrets; in fact, Marvel was noted as keeping the script for “Avengers: Infinity War” away from the actor.

Although this might be a shot at creating more publicity for Marvel films, the internet loves it.

Tom Holland will return as Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-man in "Avengers: Infinity War," and based on the first trailer, he will be donning the Stark suit shown at the end of "Homecoming."