With so many celebrities getting pregnant recently, and three of the Kardashian-Jenners reportedly expecting babies, it would be no wonder that Jenelle Evans is also in on the baby boom. The mother-of-three has previously denied expecting a fourth baby, which would be her second with husband, David Eason, but many are suspecting that the star hasn't necessarily been forthcoming with her fans. Jenelle took a pregnancy test on air when she visited the studios at "Wetpaint," but many don't necessarily buy the results. Clearly, she did not take the test on air, as it would violate her privacy, so skeptics have stated that they believe she brought a negative pregnancy test to show on the air.

Clues that Jenelle is expecting

The biggest clue that Jenelle is expecting is the fact that the mother-of-three had a miniature baby bump in her wedding dress. While many women have a little bit of a belly in that area, others have pointed out that Jenelle is religious about staying fit, and that even though she only gave birth to daughter Ensley in February, she would likely have worked to get rid of her gut by then. Many Instagram users commented that she looked definitively with child during her wedding photos. Jenelle and David's wedding also seemed to be planned awfully quickly, which made many wonder if they were trying to have the ceremony before Jenelle was showing too much. Jenelle and David got engaged just after welcoming their daughter Ensley this February and announced their wedding on their land for September just last May.

Many had suspected that this was a calculated move to get it over and done with before she got too big for her dress.

She's lied about pregnancy in the past

Jenelle Evans hasn't shown herself to be the most trustworthy cast member of "Teen Mom 2." The young mother has a history of lying about being pregnant, specifically in last season of the show.

She was asked to her face several times by her mother and producers if she was pregnant and denied it every time. However, news broke that she was expecting after she and David got into a car accident and the report noted that she was 10 weeks pregnant. Her mother, Barb, was very upset to find out that way, and Jenelle admitted they had other arrangements for letting everyone know that they were expecting a child. If Jenelle, is indeed pregnant, this will mean that she will have two children who will share both a mother and a father.