"Megyn Kelly Today" premiered on September 25 on NBC. Her first week did not go well. There were several mishaps throughout the week, and these did not go unnoticed. The host was highly criticized, and the show received bad reviews. The 2.93 million viewers who tuned in on Monday are wondering if this is going to be a normal thing. At the end of her first week, Megyn made remarks thanking viewers for tuning in. She also took the time to attack the media who criticized the show's new beginning.

Megyn's mishaps

Megyn Kelly blamed the media for the bad reviews, but blame is misplaced because the media only reported what it witnessed.

The 46-year-old Talk Show Host was criticized for the way she handled interviews during the first week. On Monday, she asked a gay superfan of "Will & Grace" if the sitcom had played a part in him becoming gay. Debra Messing, star of the show, said she regretted appearing for the interview. In fact, she said she had been told she was going to be on the "TODAY" show and not "Megyn Kelly TODAY." She said if she had known that was going to be the case, she would have had second thoughts.

Kelly was also criticized on Wednesday for asking 79-year-old iconic actress Jane Fonda about her history with plastic surgery when she and Robert Redford were there to promote their new Netflix movie, "Our Souls at Night." Fonda quickly changed the subject by interjecting something about her movie.

Later, Fonda criticized the talk show host for the way the interview went. She told ET Canada that she found it strange that Kelly brought up plastic surgery at that particular time. She concluded by saying it seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.

Things did not improve much for the rest of the week. On Thursday, while Kelly was interviewing soccer star Carli Lloyd, a cameraman accidentally stepped into the frame and blocked the view.

After he realized what he had done, he was heard staying a foul word on the air which made the studio audience and viewers uncomfortable.

On Friday, Kelly interviewed the women of "Saturday Night Live." The taped interview didn't seem that exciting. The female cast members appeared relieved when the interview was over.

Supporters of new show

While Kelly was criticized for her first week's performance, she still had supporters. For instance, Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of the "TODAY" show supported Kelly and so did Andy Cohen of "Watch What Happens Live." Both of them said they have interviewed people and asked them about their plastic surgery.

The Daily Beast called Megyn's first week a train wreck and a disaster. Others have said Kelly was used to debating political issues when she was on the FOX network, but she doesn't have what it takes for daytime viewers. What do you think about Megyn's first week in the 9 a.m. timeframe of the "TODAY" show that used to be "Today's Take" hosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall?