News recently leaked that Kylie Jenner and her sister, Khloe Kardashian are both expecting bundles of joy. While neither has confirmed or denied the rumors, their older sister, Kim Kardashian, has stated that she is expecting a baby via surrogate. While Kim has called some stories about Kylie's pregnancy "fake news," she hasn't called the entire situation fake, which has led many to believe that this means the story is actually true. Kim also recently posted a photo of herself, Kylie and Khloe with the caption, "the three of us..." which has made fans believe that this was a calculated move to insinuate that the three of them were expecting babies in early 2018.

While many media outlets have talked about how various members of her family feel on the subject, very few have discussed Kylie's feelings on the matter.

How does Kylie feel about her pregnancy?

While no one has heard anything directly from Kylie herself, an anonymous source reportedly close to Kylie told Radar Online that Kylie is "freaking out" and is in "panic mode." While she has her boyfriend, Travis Scott to be there for her, she doesn't really know him that well and has only been seeing him since last May. Reportedly, she got pregnant around this time, as did her sister, Khloe, and they both will welcome their little ones at the same time. However, Kylie is worried she won't be able to take care of her new baby (which is reportedly a girl) properly and has been reportedly devastated by the online criticism of people saying she won't be a good mother.

The source that spilled all to Radar Online also said that the mom-to-be hasn't been sleeping much recently due to the fact that she's so concerned about what's going to happen in the coming months.

Travis Scott, the baby's father, reacts

While rumors have swirled that Travis Scott has been excitedly telling his friends he and Kylie are expecting a girl for months, the Radar Online source seems to have a different story.

According to the tipster, Travis isn't all that excited to become a father, and it has taken its toll on Kylie. And while Kylie is under constant criticism for her supposed inability to be a good mother, she is on track to become a billionaire, thanks to her lip kits and Kylie Cosmetics sales range. So even if Travis doesn't step up to the plate, the baby will at least be well taken care of financially. Her large family is also likely to step in if necessary.