Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood legend, purchased a home for herself in Los Angeles in 1961. It was in Brentwood and was built in 1929. The actress, who was worth more than $30 million at the time, paid less than $80,000 and moved in with her long-time maid Eunice as understood from a biography by Donald Spoto.

She displayed her taste in its furnishings

Fox News reports that this was the only home that Marilyn Monroe ever owned and it was the place where she died within months of the purchase. The property is now in the market with a price tag of $6.9-million.

Property records indicate that her Los Angeles home changed hands at least half-a-dozen times.

The house had impressed Monroe and she planned to decorate it with a Mexican touch. The reason for going Mexican was to ensure that the furnishings were in tune with the architectural style of the home. She set about the task in real earnest and went south of the border in her search of most appropriate furnishings. She even visited the roadside and factories to fulfill her desires as revealed in 1962 by Life Associate Editor Richard Meryman.

However, she was not destined to see the arrival of the larger items she bought in Mexico and enjoy the bliss of staying in such a dream home. Her life was snuffed out by an apparent overdose of sleeping pills on Aug.

5, 1962. It was a tragic end to the Hollywood star. When found she had the telephone receiver in her hand with an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to the bed.

History of the property

As per records, the property changed hands seven times after her death and most of the owners were not from the world of glitter but were private people.

The present owner had bought it in 2012 for $5.1 million.

Of course, there are exceptions. Actress and model Veronica Hamel lived there in the 1970s and then there was director Michael Ritchie. He bought it in 1994 for $995,000 and there were rumors that he might demolish it but, no such thing happened and it remains much the same as when Monroe owned it much like an oasis in the heart of one of Los Angeles.

Marilyn Monroe was a celebrity of Hollywood and like any personality belonging to the world of glitter and glamour, she had her ups and downs. In her short life, she had left a deep impression on her fans and the only property she ever owned is now going on sale. Once it goes to a new owner, it might be converted to something more modern and the memory may soon be lost forever.