vicki gunvalson has been defending herself for years, as she claims that her co-stars want her to feel the pain that they claim to have felt when they caught her in a lie. For years, Vicki was dating Brooks Ayers and she believed he had cancer. She trusted him so blindly that she would make up stories about his cancer to support his stories - simply to get her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars off her back. When it was revealed that he has lied about his cancer and faked his medical records, Vicki was shocked. She felt she had been lied to and while her co-stars blamed her for being involved with his lies, she claimed she was innocent.

Brooks later spoke out, revealing that she had nothing to do with his lies.

According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson is now getting tired of how her co-stars are speaking about the lie that almost ruined her reputation. Vicki believes that Tamra and Shannon are convinced that she knew that he was lying about cancer and they keep bringing it up on the show. Now, Gunvalson is speaking out, and she's tired of being blamed for something she claims she didn't do. Plus, it happened years ago, and she wants everyone to move on.

One lie turned into many stories

Vicki Gunvalson admitted that she had added to some of his stories to get the ladies to back off. This included stories about her going to the doctors with him and sitting through chemo with him, even though she had just dropped him off at the hospital.

As it turns out, that little lie turned into many false stories that the ladies keep bringing up. They believe she has ruined their trust for her.

"Some of the things that I heard Shannon and Tamra continuing to repeat is just a blatant LIE and I’m tired of hearing about it. Shannon saying that 'I faked a cat scan and I faked chemo' is like a broken record and they for some reason don’t want to remember what my “ex” said numerous times 'Vicki had NOTHING to do with it'…why can’t they just move on?" Vicki Gunvalson asks in her Bravo blog, revealing that she doesn't understand why her co-stars keep bringing up the same story repeatedly to justify why they don't like her.

Hard time to recover

Vicki has revealed that it has been tough to recover from his lies. Her business suffered, she lost friendships, and she didn't exactly feel like people wanted to trust her. She claims she lost thousands of dollars and she has worked hard to get the money back.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson calling out her co-stars for them bringing up the past again and again?