On Tuesday, Halle Berry finally confirmed her relationship with Alex Da Kid on Instagram after posting a picture of them together. The "Kingsman: Golden Circle" actress simply wrote a caption that says, "My balance." Since last month, romance rumors started to swirl online when the couple reportedly spent a romantic day together in Los Angeles.

A source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Da Kid is a low-profile guy and is believed to be very creative and soft-spoken. Another source revealed that he is a very nice guy and someone who is passionate about music.

Perhaps, this is what made Berry fall in love with him easily.

International premiere

Apart from her love life, Berry is reportedly busy on the upcoming international premiere of her film, "Kingsman: Golden Circle." According to Entertainment Tonight, Berry attended the London premiere of her film on Monday but she didn't dish details about her romantic relationship with Da Kid. It was only on Tuesday when her followers were clued into her relationship with Da Kid Instagram official.

The picture, which she posted online, was the first photo that Berry shared to her thousands of social media followers. It has been learned that the couple has been together for two months now. Both have known each other through their circle of friends.

It was the first time for the award-winning actress to share some details of her love life following her divorce from Olivier Martinez.

A film with Channing Tatum

Berry is also set to star with channing tatum in her upcoming film.

As she talked about the details of the movie, Berry admitted that she is excited about this project. She is a huge fan of action-packed movies, including James Bond films. She also shared that she was part of a James Bond movie and noted that her movie's royal premiere is one of the best milestones of her career.

Berry was also happy to be back in London for the "Kingsman: Golden Circle" premiere.

Tatum, on the other hand, revealed that he was a little bit nervous when doing the movie. He teased that the movie is also set to feature an intense war between him and Berry.

This may be one of the most exciting scenes on their film. Entertainment Tonight reports Tatum was joined by his wife during the red carpet premiere. Tatum reportedly praised his wife as she stunned with her booty-bearing Zac Posen gown. The famous actor revealed how he loves his wife's great body.