Viewers will not see the return of Leah Murphy in “Grey’s AnatomySeason 14 according to recent reports. Sources said that actress Tessa Ferrer has not been on the set of the series thus far.

Fans are bound to see set photos emerge online of their favorite characters from the series with filming for the new season underway. We have seen some images leaked online a few months back that show lead star Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) filming a few scenes. However, eyewitnesses revealed that there has been no sighting so far of actress Tessa Ferrer on the set.

According to TV Line, there are no plans to bring back Doctor Leah Murphy in the upcoming season. This would explain why Ferrer has been missing during filming. Reasons for her absence in Season 14 remain unknown. Perhaps the storyline does not need her appearance.

This is the second time that Doctor Leah Murphy was written out of the script for "Grey's Anatomy." She formerly left in Season 10 after she was fired. Then she returned in Season 13 when Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital rehired her.

No Leah and Arizona love story

Fans thought that Arizona (Jesssica Capshaw) would rekindle her romance with Leah in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 now that she is single. The exit of her one time fling Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) in the Season 13 finale gave shippers hope that she would rekindle things with Leah.

Apparently, this would not be the case. It looks like Arizona will remain single for the time being.

Other cast exits

Tessa Ferrer is the latest cast member reported to have left the series. She joins fellow actress Jerrika Hinton whose exit as Stephanie Edwards was confirmed ahead of the filming for “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14.

Hinton left the show for a role in the HBO drama from writer Alan Ball. The show also incorporated Hinton’s exit in the Season 13 finale. Stephanie decided to pursue a different career path after her harrowing experience in the hospital fire. Hinton portrayed Stephanie since Season 9.

Likewise, Bridget Regan will not return as Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) presumed-dead sister Megan.

The character has been recast and will be portrayed by Abigail Spencer.

Season 14 airdate

"Grey's Anatomy" will return at its usual time at 8:00 pm on Sept. 28 with a two-hour premiere. Fans should expect the upcoming season to be different from its predecessors. It is going to be lighter, sexier and funnier than the previous seasons.